Sunday, April 30, 2017

Small Miracles

Dear Family,

What a week. as I read, I am looking at the transfer announcements, and this may be tough.

I love Palo. it is an amazing area that I really do enjoy being a part of. the members are great! we get to do activities just like in our ward! it is so much fun! in addition to that, we get a lot of work done, allowing us to get to work and progress this area. we have 2 such investigators, sister A and Sister A, who always come to church and activities, because the members reached out and really fellow shipped them. it is such a blessing to see that they care about the progression of missionary work and really help it move forward. we actually had some amazing attendance last Sunday, with 7 less active members coming to church! what a blessing to have these souls make an effort to come back and get the blessings of the gospel again. 

my new companion is named Elder DM. I met him once, and no one has anything bad to say about him. hopefully, we can get the work going and have this zone work the hardest possible. as I email you, I am with a branch missionary, Brother AJ. while I email, he is playing DOTA. everyone here loves DOTA. so, starting tomorrow, transfers happen and the ball gets rolling. 

I had a small miracle this week. we went on splits, and I went with the ward mission leader to visit a less active family. However, for some reason, I forgot where the house was. we went down a way that looked familiar, but it was nothing, so we went back to the main road. when we did, who drove by on his tricycle? the brother who's house we were to visit. he said to us he was supposed to go to his mothers house, but for some reason, he felt he should go home first. If I didn't get lost, and the spirit didn't impress brother D to go home, we wouldn't have taught the family, who is really wanting to go to the temple for endowments and sealing. that is a big deal here, where it is hard to have such goals. the point is I messed up; however, the Lord corrected it and made it better then if I didn't mess up. that is a hard thing for me to grasp, about how it's ok to make mistakes. I hate making mistakes, however, if the Lord will cover them like He did, then I have no reason to worry or fear my mistakes. the Lord has really helped me see what I can do, if I simply rely on Him.

the mission is fun. in America, it seems wrong to talk about religion to other people. However, here, everyone does! no shame, and no hate either. so much fun.

I have only been a missionary for about 9 and a half months. however much I try that I am older, that's not true. but, that's ok. love the work, enjoy the chance to work for others and really trying help others change their lives and make them better then before I met them. the Spirit plays such a big part of that conversion. we work hard, we do all we can to be worthy to carry that spirit with us always. It can be hard sometimes, but in the end, it comes down to obedience. obedience brings miracles, so, be obedient. big commandments, small commandments, just do them.

Love you all. Hope all is well. sometimes, life is as boring for you as it is for me. work hard, continue to follow the gospel, and things always work out. love the emails I get from you all, the packages and love help as well. Love you, praying for you.

Until next week,

Elder Kuehne

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