Monday, February 12, 2018

Living the Life!!!!!

Dear fam,

A road trip to Catarman, a conference in Calbayog, A night in the fanciest hotel in Region 8..... That's the week I had. I saw a less active member from Sta. Margarita at the restaurant where we ate. It was so good to see him! we had trainings in Catarman and Calbayog, followed up with the zone conference in Calbayog. we spend the night in Ciriaco, a 4 star hotel next to the beach. Living the life!!!!! after that, we worked. We had a baptism, sister K, who was practically glowing with joy during the service. I had often time been guilty of under planning, of just winging something. I now know that that usually isn't the right thing to do. The baptismal service was rushed, and not many people showed up. that wasn't good. showing love and support to each other, even if we don't know them, even if they aren't in our circle or quorum, is something that Jesus Christ would do, so I need to do it too. I have been expanding my friend circle, allowing others in, and I have gained some great lasting friendships from it. Even missionaries who are hard to love, I have somehow been able to feel love and brotherhood with them. It was a lesson that I am grateful Heavenly Father taught me.

This is Elder D's last week. He is freaking out!!!!! it's understandable though, he has been on a mission for 2 years. He's a little unsure how to move forward. but he can do it

For this week, We are only working. next week is transfers, we'll see what happens

Until next week

Elder Kuehne

Monday, February 5, 2018

When I Go Home, All is Not Done

Dear Fam, 

Last week, we got to work! We went on splits with the Tolosa zone leaders. I went with Elder M, from Oregon. yes Tyler, THAT OREGON. He came in the mission 6 weeks after I did, so we got to go work. We didn't get in a single house for a couple hours. then we decided to visit an active member family. We did, and then got introduced to the sister of the member who is not baptized. She was hesitant to accept a lesson, but we asked her, and she said yes. We asked her that before we come for the lesson, She needs to write down her questions about God, Jesus Christ, religion, and other things like that. She accepted it! then we retaught sister J, who was baptized a couple weeks ago. a simple day, but a great chance to work with the leaders. 

We then gave a training to the Tolosa zone, and followed that up with a ROADTRIP!!!!!! on Friday, we went to Sogod and gave a training. After that, we spent Saturday and Sunday in Hinunangan, in southern Leyte. the Hinunangan district is only 3 years old, and has 2 branches in it. It is the smallest district, by far. they had their district conference, which had as many people as an average sacrament meeting in Tacloban. still, it was great. Some of the highlights were the training from the 1st counselor in the mission president, president Alban. He trained about Alma 13, about how the priesthood members were ordained, trained, and chosen before the world began. It gave me chills. he talked about our divine destiny and the responsibility we have to be worthy. he gave another training about home teaching. As we all know, home teaching is a rough subject to talk about. only 9% of the members did their home teaching. He said "you all need to repent." in the middle of his training. he said it very seriously, and the whole room went completely silent. it was a reminder to me that when I go home, all is not done. It's only beginning.

not a lot more to say. this week, We go to Catarman and Calbayog. When I was assigned in Sta. Margarita, there was a member, Brother E, who worked with the missionaries every day. he was the greatest. Last week, I had to sacred opportunity to take him to the airport so he can go on his mission. He recognized me immediately, and we talked a lot. In addition, brother N came and brought him to Tacloban. He thanked us for our work, thanked me for the blessing I gave him almost a year and a half ago, and then said that when we got to Calbayog, He has a "token" for us. Being around brother N is a blessing by itself. I'm excited to see what will happen there. 

Mom, you ran right by our apartment. It's right before the chapel, coming from the CocaCola. you nailed it. That's not our area, but we spend a lot of time there, so you got it! technology is great. I have been hearing a lot about the super bowl right now. I'm trying my best to not care, but it's not working too well 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. I'll be there for the next one, don't worry. 

that's about it. I miss you all, and love each one. until next week

Elder Kuehne

Monday, January 29, 2018

Eat, Travel, Eat, Travel, Sleep

Dear Fam, 

we had a good time this week. We traveled to Ormoc, and then Biliran for interviews and trainings. I have never been assigned there, but it looks beautiful! we gave a small training, then ate. the assistants life is eat, travel, eat, travel, sleep. Not complaining though. We still have lots of investigators, and we also get to see the mission more. It's exciting! 

this week, we expect a baptism of sister K. Her dad and mom are active members, and she has been investigating for a really long time. but, she feels her time is now for baptism! she will be interviewed this week. I am so excited for this!!!!

just a small one this week, but I still love you all. Looking forward to next week.

Elder Kuehne

Monday, January 22, 2018

It's Amazing How a Clean House Invites the Spirit

Dear fam,

How is everyone? I personally am doing great. I am enjoying the mission so much!! there's so much that I want to share with you and say, but I don't have much time for that. new rules and all.

Everything in the office is just about normal. We went to Borongan for interviews and zone conference, and also had the chance for some teaching (Not a lot, but enough.) we have been teaching about following simple commandments and about daily scripture study and daily companionship study. President Argana asked some missionaries to demonstrate a lesson about the restoration of the gospel (the first lesson) and it didn't go well. The missionaries were stumbling on their words, and the spirit was not very strong. it was lacking. Having the spirit with us means we have to do a lot of things. some big, like commandments, and some small, like clean the house. it's amazing how a clean house invites the spirit (I testify of that). It's been a great blessing to travel with president and see first hand what's up with the mission. 

We also got a new senior couple in the mission! Elder and Sister Gren are from Filmore, Utah. They're jokesters, and are amazing people to know. Elder Gren played ball earlier today, and that was terrifying, because he's about 6'4 and athletic for his age! They will be doing office work for their stay here. 

The travel secretary told me that my travel plans are in. I still have a long way to go, so I'm just ignoring him 😂. Hopefully he gets the hint. 

Just a small one. Lots to do today! but that doesn't mean that I don't love you all.

stay safe wherever you are!

Elder Kuehne

Monday, January 15, 2018

If We Look, and Trust in Him, Then We Can do Anything

Dear Fam,

Transfers came and went. Elder D and I are companions for his last cycle here! He goes home in February, so I will be working with him and making sure he doesn't go lazy on us :) He's the best. 

This cycle is going to be absolutely insane! last week was transfers, which was hard. we have 4 new elders in the mission. all studs. the day after transfers, we went to Sogod zone in the south and did some apartment checks, had some interviews, and attended district conference there. We spent 3 days in Maasin. now It's MLC, and after that, We immediately start doing trainings for interviews. It's all kinds of busy!

I have been having a hard time figuring out how I can do all the work that has been given me. President Argana gave me an answer during a training at district conference. He talked about Jesus Christ walking on the water. All the apostles marveled and feared, but out of those feelings, Peter asked if he could come to the Master. Everyone knows that walking on water is impossible, but Peter must have thought that if the Master can do it, then He can give the power to do it as well. Peter received the invitation to go to Jesus, and he started walking on the water. As long as he was looking at Jesus, he could do it. When he started looking at the storms, waves, and thunder, he lost his ability and sank. If we only look around at the trials, then we will sink. If we look at the Master, Jesus Christ, and trust in Him, then we can do anything. that was a big help to me, and it has made me feel more confident.

Congrats to Dad on being ordained. I figured half the congregation would have opposed, but I guess not :) it's the Lord preparing you for future assignments. Wish I could have been there. Happy to know that everyone is still ok. Braces are easy Ty. Just make Dad buy Jamba juice. 

Email time has now been reduced to one hour. that means my emails will be shorter. Bear with me, please!


Elder Kuehne

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

All I Can Do is Live a Worthy Life

Dear Fam,

this week was great! We had a baptism! brother J was baptized and confirmed this last week! If we taught him a commandment, He started living it right away. He also reads the Book of Mormon very quickly and understands what it teaches. He is a great young man, and a fine member. We are also preparing 5 people for baptism on January 27! I really hope that this happens. 

We have been working with President Argana all week. This week is transfer week! We're not sure if Elder D will transfer. This is his last transfer, so he may be assigned in a different area. Not sure. But there will be big changes in the mission. we'll see what happens there in a little while. tomorrow, We announce the transfers. 

Happy new year! that was the last new year I will have in the mission field. The time is far spent, there is little remaining! 😂😂😂

Life is good in the mission field. We worked out some misunderstandings with the office elders, and now we are all best friends. the mission is going much smoother. I figured out that the mission is more effective, missionaries are more obedient, the work goes faster, the numbers are higher, if missionaries love their companions. if they love the Lord, then they will be perfectly obedient and work much faster to spread the gospel. I love my Heavenly Father. He has given me so much that I can't even hope to repay Him for His love. All I can do is try to live a worthy life, follow His commandments, and help His children, on both sides of the veil, receive the gospel. It's been such a good experience sharing the gospel, and I know that A lot of people are counting on it. We have spent some more time working with members, because Members are so key to our work! Working with members means a lot more truly interested people who already have a friend in the church that makes them feel more comfortable. We are all enlisted in this work, and everyone can make a difference, even if it's just a small one. 

All is well in zion? I miss the Utah weather, mostly because I am sweating everywhere I go here. I expect to hear a good report from everyone!!!! 

I love you so much, I miss you, see you next week
Elder Kuehne

Monday, January 1, 2018

It's More Fulfilling to be Obedient

Dear Fam,

Merry Christmas everyone! the birth of the Savior is always a blessing to experience. This Christmas, I spent some more time reading about Jesus Christ and his birth. I gained a greater testimony of the truth of His life then ever before. Jesus of Nazareth was born, He is the Messiah, He is the redeemer of all mankind, He is the king of kings and lord of lords. Many people I have met say that Jesus Christ was only a man and not divine. I want to bear my firm testimony that Jesus Christ is the son of God. He was Jehovah before his earthly life, He was the son of God during his earthly life, and He is now the Risen lord of us all. He did mighty miracles, taught the doctrines of the kingdom, and prepared the way for us all to come back to Him.

Last week, We visited the Catarman and Catbalogan Zones, and gave a training in each one of them. I have many personal friends in those zones, and It was a great opportunity to see them there. however, this week also had some low points. long story short, We have 8 missionaries in our apartment right now. They broke some rules, and they are now here until Transfer week. It's been so hard.  but, we are doing the best we can to work with them and help them get back into the work. Because of that, Our teaching has been very limited. we are trying to do some more this week. We are also expecting a baptism this week. Brother J will be baptized! he's ready, we just need an interview and one more lesson. We are confident that he can do it!

I have been reading the scriptures for a long time now, But I have gained more out of them in the last 2 months then any other time before. They are coming alive to me! I have been changing myself to better fit with the gospel and become more Christlike. I have felt a huge weight off my shoulders, and I feel a lot lighter. It's easier to be natural and more exciting to share the gospel. It's also easier and more fulfilling to be obedient. We obey because it's really the only logical thing to do. If God gives a commandment, and we don't do it, We don't gain anything from it.

New years was just another day. No fireworks, No big celebrations near our house. Just chillin. President Invited us for lunch, so that was good. other then that, just another day.

I hope everyone is happy and enjoying the new year. This is my last new years in the mission, so here we go!

Till next week


Elder Kuehne
p.s. the star wars reference is a low-blow. That hurts.