Sunday, April 9, 2017

It is a Party Here in Tacloban, and Everyone is Invited

Dear fam,

This was a rough week. Lots of work going on. busy, busy, busy. with a big Mission leaders conference, general conference, exchanges. SOOOOOOOO muuucccchhhh work!!!! but, I still love it.

played ball earlier today, had some members come. We really connect with members and even investigators to take some time and have some good quality time playing ball with others. however, my body is soooo sore. we may be playing volleyball next week, and maybe even tomorrow, if time permits in the morning. It is a party here in Tacloban, and everyone is invited

Mission leaders conference was pretty interesting. It was the zone leaders and sister training leaders coming together and receiving training, then discussing some important points about missionary everyday life. Everything from new water to headphones. It was actually really interesting, and a real pride of mine to take part in helping the mission better achieve its goal. My zone is also so amazing! everyone is a real hard worker, and we see lots of growth every week. it's a blessing to be here in Tacloban.

We had exchanges, and during that, we had a great lesson. We oym'ed someone to ask them about a name I never met, and she didn't know either. Then, as we are leaving, she calls out "Brother!" everyone here calls us brother, because we call them that. we go back over, and it turns out the daughter and nanay have a Book of Mormon from a while ago and LOTS of questions. So, we shared a message to them about the Book of Mormon and the restoration of the gospel, commonly known as lesson 1. It was an amazing experience, because they participated in the lesson, asking and answering. such a wonderful message. we plan on returning next week.

this April's conference was truly an amazing conference. there were so many amazing talks that definitely are staying with me for a long time, including some calls to action. one of the larger ones was Elder Ballard inspired me to start working on goals. I never was very confident in setting goals, and a little hesitant of failure. But, I don't need to be. also, rule #6. to top it all off, President and sister Maurer even invited us and our investigators to the mission home for a lunch of peanut chicken and chili. the generosity they share is so amazing, and they truly do love the work and the people here. 

We ate at a members home, and they said they would look me up on Facebook. one did, and I asked how many friends I had. She told me, and It blows my mind to think that the account was only made maybe 3 months ago. 

not a lot to say this week, just lots of meetings. This week, we have zone interviews and zone training meeting, which I will be helping to teach. I love interviews, where I can get some personalized advice from the president, who of course holds the authority to lead the work here. He has said many things to me that have been so helpful. next week, we have zone conference, so just another thing to prepare for.

I actually received a package, and I was pleased to see it came not from Utah, but from Idaho. Huge thanks to the Slater family and Grandpa John for the candy and love. Elder A loved the Reeses bunnies. such a nice gift to receive, thank you.

To Tyler, I heard about the trains and how they didn't come. Life just sucks. but, all will work out. there are different opportunities to find some. Just work hard in school, be smart, and build your testimony. Everyone needs to know about Jesus Christ and his church, especially the ones who are already members!

to Morgan, Whatever the issue is, the answer is universal. the answer is Heavenly Father. He has a way of knowing how we feel and helping us. You have a testimony, You have my testimony, You have the testimony of Tyler, Mom, Dad, and all the family, that He WILL help us in our times of need. Just work hard, focus on school and activities, and let Him take control. Life is easier when we allow Heavenly Father to steer us in the right direction, while sometimes He allows us to make big choices. He does love us, after all, and we have our agency. and when school gets really hard, Just remember: Blake is done with high school ;)

Love you all, and I will see you all next week with an email.

Peace out

Elder Kuehne

p.s. In home gym. I couldn't be happier about it :)


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