Monday, April 24, 2017

Finally Finding the "Right Moment"

Dear Fam,

This week has been wonderful. busy, of course, but so wonderful.

you wrote about sister A. we have two members of that family that are not yet members; nanay A and sister A. Nanay A also has 2 daughters that are members, though less active, and 1 son who is 8. they are amazing! they have baptisimal dates for June, and are speeding toward them! Nanay joined our gospel doctrine class, and absolutely blew us away with her answers and thoughts. she fully recognizes the blessings, and after years of waiting for the "right moment," she has finally found it! so amazing! great family! we also found a really nice family that seems interested. Excited to find them so I can have some good Investigators lined up for my next companion. 

Elder A is in the final week of his mission. he himself says he is so trunky! he is right, he really is. But, he still works and gets things done. He wants to set this area up for the next missionary, just like me. He really is a great companion. He loves to have fun, work, and things just work out. I am curious to see who my next companion will be. lots of zone leaders are going home, so we will have lots of new missionaries accepting leadership roles. Right now, my companion could be pretty much anyone. 

I just got back from a zone activity. we planned for the zone to come to Tacloban to play some games indoors. I have never had so much fun! just little games really got everyone excited and that was really enjoyable. we have an FHE set up for tonight, and that will be fun, because it is with a less active family we are working with. they came to church, so they are progressing. lots of less actives in the Philippines. many people forget, are too easily offended, or just lose track of their church life. it is really sad to have that happen to people who once had all the blessings the Lord has to offer, but have lost their privilege to them. hopefully, we can help them feel the spirit again and they will be returning to the church soon. we just have to keep working with them.

personally, I am doing well. I am working on staying on time and getting things done. Still love the work, still know the church is true. being a zone leader is a bit hard, and a bit hectic, but all in all it's great! I have continued to lose weight, but only a little. Daily exercise is stressed during this new schedule, and the apartment has a barbell. Elder A doesn't like to cook, and prefers eating out. I will be changing that, because no more money if we do that. 

the members here are really special. they are strong, and usually, willing to help, whether it be food, lessons, referrals, or anything else. lots of member meals means lots of enjoyment and time to get to know the area. Palo is huge, and lots of areas are just too hard to visit to make it worth it. but, we still visit as often as possible. I feel pretty comfortable with this area, figuring it out. Hopefully, I can work on it and improve. still love the work and all it has be do. zone leader is hard, but I can do it. 

Lots of love to you all. not a whole lot to report on this week. Next week may be more interesting, as it is the last week of the cycle. many people will be going home, and that means lots of different experiences. until then, love you all.

Perhaps we can make sure the skype works and then resend me the information so we can be ready for that. Thank you, love you all.

Elder Kuehne


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