Friday, December 22, 2017

Christmas Skype

Dear Family,

I am going to skype today. I know it's last minute, but president took us to Ormoc yesterday morning. I will skype in 45 minutes. We aren't allowed to use google hangouts mama 🙁. only skype is authorized. can you please send me the login and password for the skype? love you! see you all in 45 minutes!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

If We are Prepared, We Need Not Fear

Dear Fam,

Well, you probably know what has been happening around here. the first typhoon, Typhoon Urduja, really forced us to hunker down for the last couple days. We haven't proselyted since Wednesday. On Saturday, We set up a command center in the Mission Office, and we were the main callers to check up on all the areas. That was pretty rough. The majority of apartments flooded (thankfully not ours) and lots of missionaries had to leave their area to a safer area. All the Chapels were being used for people in the boundaries who's houses have flooded. Not going to lie, I opened Grandma's christmas package early, and lots of the candy was given to the members who slept in the chapel. Biliran Island, which has 12 missionaries on it, is completely isolated, because the bridge broke. We'll be getting them out later today. now, that sounds fun and all, but as Billy Mays always said: "BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!!!!!!" this second typhoon is still far away, and it's already 3 times stronger then the one that hit. It will only get stronger as it gets closer to the mission. I'm pretty stoked. 

This week has been a pretty humbling week. I cannot do a thing to change the weather, But I can change how I react to it. I can fear, or I can have faith. They are polar opposites. We can panic, or we can prepare. one cancels out the other. if we are prepared, we need not fear. 

Other then that, all is well. Sacrament attendance was really good despite the circumstances. Everyone here is happy despite the circumstances. Life is pretty good here. My trainer, Elder D, emailed me this week, and he's getting married next year! Not trunky, but it's exciting! We got to do a CSP earlier today for a house that somehow lite on fire. we cleaned it out. 

All is well. I love you all, and I sent an email earlier about the new time for the skype. sorry about that! I am excited for this week! 

I feel your prayers. Thank you so much for sending them.


Elder Kuehne


Monday, December 18, 2017


Dear Family,

Things here are a little bit crazy. The Hurricane here is causing all kinds of chaos, so I was unable to skype today due to the workload. Lots of Missionaries need our help. We will reschedule the skype to December 22, at 10:00AM. I am so sorry about this, it was just earlier today that we realized we aren't able to skype today. In addition, Elder D can't skype today anyway, so we don't want him to be left out 😂. Mom, Please send me the information of the skype account that I will use so that I can jump on the computer immediately on December 22.

Love you All

Elder Kuehne

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

It was a Very Special Week

Dear Fam,

Last week was nothing more then a bunch of trainings, madness, and occasionally, teaching lessons. We taught the mission leaders conference, and also taught the district leaders in their own conference. We are focusing on the area book, which is a giant folder containing the teaching information about all the investigators in the area. Some people don't update it, and that is a big issue if they don't. Well, we found out that a lot of missionaries are not. Patay. lots of work to do helping the missionaries increase their work and stride. We'll figure it out.... Eventually 😂

So this week, We visited brother J. He's a new investigator, and wants to be baptized. he says it's because he came to play basketball at the church, and he felt peace in his heart. We taught him the word of wisdom, and he said that he isn't following it, but he will starting right now. complete goosebumps. he's our most progressing investigator. We also visited sister J, who is married to an active member. We extended a baptismal date of December 23, and she burst into tears. She said that her daughter, also a member, has been trying for a long time to get her baptized, and she always recommends that her mom gets baptized December 23! We never knew that, we barely know the family. But Heavenly Father knows her, and extended that information to us through the spirit. That can't be explained any other way. we are aiming for a White Christmas.

Being happy is pretty easy. President Argana asked me into his office, and then had a quick interview with me. He counseled me on comparing myself to others, which I do. I won't say the exact things he said, but I do know that, once again, that information was not from him. It was from the Lord, who told President Argana so he could help me. it was a very special week.

This week, we travel all over the place for interviews, and spend the weekend in Sogod, in the southern part of the mission. Wish me luck there. I haven't yet received the turkey recipe, is it possible to send that next week so that president Argana can buy the things we need? thank you so much

Now, the news.... I will skype December 18, 2017 at 10:00AM Manila time. I'm not sure what time that is in Bountiful, but the internet is pretty smart!! Can I please have the skype information sent to me so that I can have the login and password so that this will be a little bit smoother? thank you so much! I AM SO EXCITED FOR SKYPE!!! ​​​​​​

See you 

Elder Kuehne

Monday, December 4, 2017

The Book of Mormon Feels Good

Dear Fam

Transfers just happened, and really nothing new happened for me! still here, still here with Elder D, Still an assistant. The only difference is a new Missionary in my apartment, Elder U, from Texas. He's such a stud! Other then that, just the same old same old. We did get to teach the mother of one of our Recent Converts, Sister R. She had a great question, and we used the scriptures to answer her. She said that something about the Book of Mormon feels good, and she prays all the time with her kids. She's a good investigator, and I hope that she makes it to her baptismal date in December. other then that, Not a lot of teaching due to transfers, making trainings, and other fun stuff like that. Lots of investigators came to church however! We can't work often, but somehow all these blessings still happen. I call it a miracle, because It really is! 

Good to hear Trent is on his way to the mission field. I'm so proud of him!!!!

This is just a small email this week, due to the crazyness of this week. I received the birthday card from grandma, and it made my day! tell her thank you!

now, I have a small thing to ask. President Argana has found a real turkey, and he wants to cook it for Christmas dinner! however, He has no idea how to do that. So, I said I would ask you about how to do it! can someone please send me a recipe for turkey next week? the kitchen in the mission home is modern, so the recipe at home will work here! Thank you so much!

I love you all

Elder Kuehne

Monday, November 27, 2017

I Love what Heavenly Father has Given Me, and what Jesus Christ Did for Me

dear fam,

Last week was the best! Interviews in Catarman and Catbalogan zones, and a zone conference in Beautiful Calbayog city! Literally heaven. Life is so good here! The drive was long, and it was a pretty hard drive, just chilling in the passenger seat for 5 hours. but it was really worth it.

Calbayog has grown so much since I was last there. it's cleaner, has more stores, has a big new department store, new streets, and even has plans to build a new airport there! I was reminded that when I was there, it was so different, but now it's much better. Catarman is also so nice, except for the pouring rain of course! I got to see all the missionaries there, and some of my favorite missionaries are there too! Little secret; I am gaining back weight. Why? because President Argana buys a lot of food at restaurants, and then I am their last hope to finish it! plus, we travel a lot, so no time to walk. but, I'm starting to eat less and work out more. I was doing that, until I received your birthday package! :D I ended up giving a lot of it at the conference. They loved it by the way! it was their first time to have a rice krispie treat, and they said it was delicious. Thank you so much for the snacks and photos, They really gave me a boost in this rough time.

I say it's a hard time because this week is transfer week, the busiest week of the cycle. We have 4 missionaries staying in our apartment right now, that all will be going home. I should be happy for them, but all they did was talk about their experiences doing disobedient things like Boating, Going on hikes with Sister companionships, and all kinds of other activities. they really slacked on their work, and their key indicators show that. They really didn't mention their successes in the mission. Now that they are going home, they feel comfortable talking about it because at this point, they are already going home. They don't care. And I feel so sorry for them. They have been given a sacred trust, and they are breaking it. Something that I have learned on the mission is that when we eat the sacrament, ALL of our covenants are renewed, Not just the baptismal covenants. I have been reminded of those covenants, and I feel so strongly that I wouldn't want anyone, especially myself, to break those covenants. All I can do is try to remind them what they promised to do, and hope that they listen. Being a leader in the mission is one of the hardest things I could ever imagine. Long story short, I am reminded of that mormon message from Elder Ucthdorf about the man who traveled the world on the cruise ship, but didn't take advantage of the opportunities he had. The opportunities I am talking about is growing in the gospel, gaining knowledge, preparing for an eternal marriage and a family, for future callings. for success in the mission in Baptisms and obedience. I have resolved to not waste the time I have on the mission. Have fun, yes, but be obedient while I do it. 

On a happier note, I love the mission. I love what Heavenly Father has given me, and what Jesus Christ did for me. I am indebted to them with a Debt that I can never pay back. but I can try by sharing the knowledge I have to all I meet concerning the gospel and the church. I feel so happy helping others and teaching. I love the work with all my heart! I miss you all, but I won't trade these 2 years. I hope everyone is alright at home, and that you are all happy and well. Good work on the 5K, and if dad needs any advice about how to get referrals from the members, I would be happy to tell him how things are done here! yesterday, We got 3 referrals from the same family, and the ward has a program to have every family give a referral to us before Christmas day. We spend all week contacting referrals! 

I love you all. Morgan, I love and miss you. Bump mentioned some boyfriends, good work. Tyler, I heard you ran a 5k Race. I will do one with you next year. Let's see who is faster!

Mom and Dad, your example has taught me some things that I yet lack. I am so grateful for your patience for me and the rest of the family. I can't wait for next month to see you!

Elder Kuehne



Sunday, November 26, 2017

Working Harder is Good, But it's Better to Work Smarter

Dear Fam,

The day has past. Yup, MY BIRTHDAY!!! 20 NA AK!!! LAGAS NA!!!! good luck looking that up on the internet 😂😂 Recently, It's been a little hard to type English. My mind just kicks into Waray, and I just start typing Waray words. Thanks for the patience.

So, last week was a very different week. We didn't end up going to Palo for exchanges. Something came up, and we were unable to go. the good news is that we got to work in our area ALL WEEK!!! we taught so many people. We got a referral from a recent convert, Brother J. we asked if we could teach his family, and he said yes! also, he said that he had a cousin who wanted to join the church. so, we went and taught the cousin with brother J. we asked if she had a question. she asked how she could know if she could receive forgiveness from God for her mistakes. That is a question from the heart, and she meant it. We shared some verses, and she was blown away with the answer that YES, she can. we extended a date of baptism to her and her other cousin that was there, and they both accepted. Actually, this sister had already asked her parents if she could join the church, and they said yes! it was a good week for that. this girl is the perfect example of what the mission is aiming for. President Argana has been pushing for referrals, instead of tracting. there are some missions who have made actually made tracting forbidden. this girl is not someone off the street that we found and may or may not be interested. This girl is a person that we know is interested, is searching for something, and we have the answer! in addition, she has 2 people, 2 a member, that can answer her questions, teach her, and take her to church and activities. Working harder is good, but it's better to work smarter. We have the gospel, the ultimate answer to people's questions. there is no one that the gospel cannot help, there is no one "too good" to repent and be baptized. 

It was a very trying week. Lots of work, lots of teaching. but, I am better then when I started the week. This week, I go to Catarman and Calbayog for zone conference and interviews. Calbayog is where I lived in my first area, so I am absolutely stoked to go back! 

that's really all. I hope all is well at home. Make someone's day today.


Elder Kuehne

photos: My lineage (Elder R, who I trained, and Elder H, who he is now training.)

District picks

Jeeps are weird

Filipino vandalism. 



"Super Brief"

Dear Fam,

This week marked a very important event. It was the baptism of Brother J and Sister J. They were interviewed for baptism before, but Brother J drank, so he didn't pass. But he did not let that stop him. He started reading the scriptures like crazy, building his faith, and stopped drinking from that day on. He and his wife are so happy that they were baptized. it was the greatest feeling in the world to know that they are now in the Lord's fold. After the baptism, we sang some hymns while we were waiting for them to change their clothes. As they did, their little boy, who is really hyper, found the backpack with their clothes. As we started singing another hymn, he JUMPS into the classroom, doing a superman pose with his spare briefs over his jeans, and Loudly shouted "Super Brief!" I could not join in the next hymn because I was laughing too hard!!!!!! 😂😂😂 Definitely one for the record books. We also started teaching brother D. He has come to church 4 times now, and we just had time to contact him at his home. We asked if he was reading the book of Mormon, and he said that he is in 2 nephi 22! he is very knowledgeable about the bible, but he understands the book of Mormon and understands it's role to testify and clarify. He is amazing and active in the classes at church. 

We also gave trainings to more zones last week. This week, President Argana is in Manila, so We are using this time to do some exchanges with the zone leaders in the nearby zones. That means I get to go and work in PALO, my 3rd area! i'm really excited to see how the area is doing. Recently, I have noticed something. I have baptized some people, but there are also so many others that I found or taught that others are baptizing after I leave. AND THAT IS OK!!! the work is too big to be done by just one person, and it makes more sense to set up baptisms for the missionaries to follow. In fact, It makes me think of others more then myself. If we try to steal all the baptisms, that that leads to issues like unclear teaching, unanswered questions, and unsure testimonies. But if we allow others to finish what we started, and prepare the investigators for the next missionaries, then they stay active and help others. perhaps there is a lesson in this for someone who reads it. For me, it's helping others to have success instead of just focusing on making myself look successful. 

I miss you all. A couple weeks ago, I got really homesick. it's better now that I am busy. I love you all so much that if I'm not working 24/7, I think about you! that's special, Diba? 😎 I hope all is well at home and everyone is happy and well.

Love, Elder Kuehne


Monday, November 6, 2017

The Lord's Love for and Confidence in Me.

Dear family,

This week was so much fun! We had the Tacloban Zone conference, and we got to visit 2 zones in the mission, And talk with and train 3 zones in the Ormoc Zone Conference. Lots of trainings, Lots of learning and training. This week, We go to Sogod, in the south, Borongan in the north east, and Tolosa in the east. It's a busy busy time as we give a training 4 times this week. The training is about setting goals and achieving them, and I am learning a lot from that training.

It was a good week, lots of fun. I had a very spiritual experience at church yesterday. It was a strong feeling from the Lord of his love and confidence in me. It was deeply needed at this time. 

Sorry that I don't have a big email this week. We had to do an internet training, and that leaves very little time for email.

I love you all, Morgan, good luck in surgery tomorrow, I love you Tyler, And I am so grateful for you mom and dad


Elder Kuehne


My Testimony has Been Reinforced

Dear family,

Boy oh Boy, last week was a doozy. I gave my first training at a mission leadership conference to all the zone leaders and sister training leaders, and I also helped train 2 zones during their zone interviews. Yes, My companion is also an AP. We do all the planning, training, and discussing together. The good news is that Elder D was my companion before, and I already know so much about him, and he knows so much about me. That really makes life so much easier, and less awkward. He's teaching me how to handle the life of an Assistant. This is a little secret, but there are missionaries that do not like the Assistants. Not a lot though, just a few. Elder D is a fun loving guy, but he is also strict about the rules, and does not leave any room for disobedience. He does it so lovingly, because he really does love the missionaries, despite their individual issues. He is honest, and when he says he will do something, he does it. He also listens to first promptings, and follows them immediately. He is the best, I love him. he's a really special guy. people don't like the assistants because they are obedient and will tell president about the disobedience that is happening. People can be offended, but that is the work that the Lord has called us to do, and so we do it, no matter who doesn't enjoy it.

This week was also a pretty hard one. Lots of struggles, lots of working and teaching. Nothing new has come up yet, but we did contact a referral, C and E. Yeah, they live on the side of a fetching mountain. That was a hard walk. But they are really good, and I am excited to visit this week. I have learned a valuable lesson. I was stressing out because of Tagalog speaking people, But Elder D helped me out and simply told me to focus on Waray, because people here understand it just fine, even if they are Tagalog speaking. So, the stress went away, and happiness is back.

This week, We have 2 zone conferences!!!! one in Tacloban, and one in Ormoc City. Ormoc City is so clean, but the issue is that they don't speak Waray there. They speak Cebuano. so I probably won't be doing that much OYMing there. but the conferences are so much fun and a great opportunity to meet the missionaries and help them grow. it will be a pretty long drive, But I imagine that it will be pretty fun. We will also be staying in Ormoc and Biliran Island for a night. Lots of traveling. just like Dad, but with no pay. However, we still get free food. 

Love the pictures. Ty must have been in heaven. I hope the rest of you are enjoying your vacation. I love you all. The reason I haven't sent photos is because the computer shop here is a little bit sketchy, and it has deleted my sim card twice. So, I am forced to wait until I find a better way to send those. forgiveness, eh?

All is well here, and I enjoy the work still. However, My testimony has been reinforced, and I know things I never knew before. Missions are the best!


Elder Kuehne (by the way, Most people just call us "Der". the Filipino people have some interesting quirks)😂😂😂��😂😂