Sunday, May 7, 2017

Do What the Lord Wants Us To Do

Dear Fam,

I love the chance I have to Email you all and tell you about my week. it is such a good time to spend some time and email you all.

Palo is a great place. Lots of great people are here, and I am so blessed to be with them and work with them. I just got back from a CSP. we demolished a home so the family can get a new one. a really fun activity/ I really love the chance to work with others and get to know them better. plus, destruction

the A family, who I talked about last time, is still doing GREAT! the youngest sister will be baptized next Saturday, if all goes well, we had to change the date for the nanay, but, she was 100% understanding of it, and actually encouraged it. I only hope that they can hang in there until the day comes. but, it approaches. and, they are still on time for it. hopefully, all will go well for them.

My new companion, Elder D, is a great companion who really works hard. he is from Angeles, Pampanga. I know almost nothing about that place. he loves to cook, and has taught me a couple great recipes that I am really excited to use. the food is amazing, and it is completely unique from food in the states. I may need to write them down so I can cook them when we return. It's simple food, but still so delicious. chicken curry, Bicol Express, Adobo, White Adobo, all of it is amazing! the food here is wonderful.

I am still Zone Leader, Still busy always. Elder D has never been a zone leader before, So I have to train him on some of his new responsibilities, especially working funds. You don't want to mess up with the reimbursements, or else someone will be very, very annoyed that they can't get their refunds. but, he is getting it done really well. it gives me more chance to focus on my own work and improving myself.

it's interesting you wrote about C. He was a great guy, no doubt about it; however, I still wish I could have been able to bring him to the gospel. He never took it supers seriously, and that makes me really sad. However, It is great to hear from him and know all is well in Sta. Margarita. 

really, not a lot to talk to you all about. kind of a boring week. But, I am excited about some of the less active members. We have 3 less active members who are one Sunday away from being considered "active" once more, one of whom really impresses me. Tatay M has been a member for a long time, and knows the gospel is true. He reads and prays, however, one problem; he can't come to church, because he is missing his right leg. but, a couple weeks ago, he comes in on his crutches to church. He walked there.... and his home isn't exactly close. Many people have talked about how hard it is to sacrifice to come to church, but after the experience with M, I no longer see any of them as valid. If we have faith, then no excuses will rule us. we will make a way, and do what the Lord wants us to do.

MLC is this week, along with zone interviews. we are just never done being busy. just work, work, work. I still love it though.

Not a lot of time to talk today, because I have a survey I need to take from the church. much to do, we will be busy this week.

I still love the mission, love you all too. though I don't have a lot to say this week. 

for skype, I am thinking 11 AM, my time. that way, Elder D can skype too. We have to go downtown to find webcams, so that explains the late start. hopefully, that will work. Love you all

Until next week

Elder kuehne

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