Monday, April 17, 2017

The Message I Carry is About a Living Christ!

Dear fam,

to start, happy Easter to you all! Here in the Philippines, Easter is a holiday, but it is overshadowed by "Holy Week." allow me to explain. Holy week is a chance for people to remember the Saviors atonement and death. they sometimes have a big party down the national highway. in the party, they have a little parade, with someone actually lifted on a cross. outside of that, everyone is in "mourning" and don't leave the house. Traffic that day was non-existent, and most of the stores were also shut down. it was a really hard day, because almost all of our investigators are out at the cathedral, or inside the house. they also had a big showing of "the passion of the Christ" at the cathedral. however, the event is so big that president had all missionaries avoid heavily populated areas during those 2 days, just to avoid any issues and contentions. The issue I have is that this is a reenactment of the death of Christ. However, no one seems to mention the resurrection of Christ. the message I carry is about a living Christ, who died and was resurrected so we all may do the same when our time comes.

I personally am ok and well. I still love the mission, despite the hardships that come from it. so many meetings, so many other things to do and take care of. I learned that 5 missionaries are going home from my zone, and that means the transfer announcements are going to be BRUTAL, because it will be just me that will be doing them, with a ward missionary. we will also be closing down 7 areas this coming May, due to lack of missionaries. mighty things this May

Elder A is a great companion. He wants to finish strong and work hard. I will be sad when he leaves.

It has been a slow week. With a zone training meeting, 2 exchanges, a bad storm on Saturday, and a meeting with a baptismal interview yesterday meant we didn't get a lot done teaching wise. lots of punts, but also, some good finding. just another week. zone interviews were nice, President Maurer gave me some very constructive advice, and I will be sure to use it. I got lots of advice from my exchanges with the assistants, and with the newest missionary in Tacloban zone. So much learning, It is so nice to learn! Zone conference is Wednesday, and that is the last big event we have. after that, I will have time to focus and prepare for transfer day so I can know more of the area and investigators before I lead the area. hopefully, All will go well. wish me luck.

I do remember Sister J. I went on splits in San Juaquin, and she was awesome! such a great person. I miss the Calbayog district. Maybe some day, I will return there. I can only hope so. so many people I would like to see again, and who knows? maybe I can be the zone leader in Calbayog, Work with the saints there. That is honestly my dream right now; to return to Calbayog district.

but, with all these busy things, the blessings come also. There are so many blessings, and I feel so loved to be able to receive the help that I have received, from the Lord, people here. It is such a blessing.

the Lord lives. I know it, and I wish everyone else did too. I love all the fam. I am especially proud of Ty and Morgan, for both moving forward, Morgan with driving, and Ty with 3 for 3. That is called skill.

Until next week,

Elder Kuehne

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