Monday, October 3, 2016

The Missionary Cycle

Dear Fam,

Today marks a new cycle, and a lot of change is happening. Me and Elder Dela Cruz are staying, but Our Zone Leaders, Elder Ferrer and Elder Woolston, have left. Elder Woolston returns to Bountiful in the next couple days, and it is weird to think as he leaves, I just got here. 

To answer questions, yes, that bat was indeed alive, and no, there are no trains here. But, trains are Dumb, right? we don't need them.😇 the rain has died down as well. Life is all well here.  sorry for the short email last week, I had to take some time out of email to get some work done. but all is well

I want to start by talking about a Miracle. I spent Tuesday in an area called Gundara, just an hour or so outside my area, for splits with our District Leaders. I went with a missionary named Elder Zepty, from the Marshall Islands. We went to a buquid (basically a forest village) and taught an investigator. This all happened so quickly, and I didn't give it any thought until after. but this sister asked a question about the spirit world, and I UNDERSTOOD her. I rarely ever understand what people have said before, and out of the blue, I understood here! and for the rest of the week, I have had an easier time understanding people. I have played a bigger role in lessons and in people's conversions. My language conversion has happened, and I love it! 

We invited a young man to be baptized, and he readily accepted! we have about 9 baptisms planned for October, and most seem to be on track. Hope that they are able to understand the gospel and see that this is true. 

This week, we watch conference in Catbalogan, with whatever members choose to join us. I'm really excited to go and hear from the prophets and apostles. 

Miss you all, but all is well here. I hope I can study conference as hard as you all have! I am healthy and Well, still enjoying myself and learning things. keep going out and working hard and having fun! I will talk to you next week!

Elder Kuehne


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