Monday, September 26, 2016

Short and Sweet

Dear Fam,

This was a weird week. First off, I saw someone wearing a U of U hat. made my day. we officially started Typhoon season as well. the rain comes in a little at a time. Rain for 5 minutes, stops, rains for 5 more minutes, stops, I wish the weather could make up its mind. that would be nice. but, all is well here.

Firstly, to answer your question, I will be watching conference, but a week late. So not this week, but next week, I will be watching conference. real strange to think while we are fasting, you all are eating. sad face.

I feel that sometimes, we don't take the gospel super seriously. As a missionary, I am asked to magnify my calling. however, I think We are ALL asked to magnify our callings, Whether it be a church calling, or the simple calling as father, mother, or priesthood holder. so, I encourage everyone to take the gospel seriously. I didn't before, but now I know. 

I should take a minute to talk about 2 things. the first is just funny. the public transportation. My area doesn't have jeepneys, we have trikes. trikes are motorcycles with small car frames on top. they are super small, and many people seem confused as this trike drives down the road with some American squeezed in there. the second is about a member I met in another area. Before his conversion, He had some issues - but he met the missionaries, and was converted on such a level that he cleaned up his habits and has become one of the greatest people I have ever met. He also is a temple worker at the Cebu temple. he went with us one Sunday, and he has such a strong spirit and love, it's crazy. his faith is unlike anyone's I have seen before. he bought dinner for us one night, and excused himself. when he came back, he was carrying grocery sacks of veggies and rice, and  gave them to us. He may be the most Christ-centered person I have ever met.

The work here is great, and I enjoy every minute of it. 

I will talk to you all more next week.


Elder Kuehne


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