Monday, October 17, 2016

He's Alive :)

Dear Fam,

Yes, I am indeed still alive. Surprise! As I email you, Typhoon Karen is out of the area, so we are back to normal. For typhoons, level 1, we prepare, and then proselyte in a nearby area. for me, that means in Calbayog, not Sta. Margarita. Level 2, we stay in the apartment, prep, and just make it until it's over. Level 3, we go to Calbayog chapel with 72 hour kits (which for us, is just a huge box full of canned sardines, top ramen, soy sauce, and rice), level 4, we go to the chapel, bring food for a week, and hunker down. Level 5, we evacuate. no questions, we get to a safe evacuation site. Karen is a Level 2, so we just hunker down in the apartment. For us, that meant BOM studies, working out, eating, talking, preparing, and sleeping. it's a great routine, and all is well here.

To Morgan, I do receive your emails, but it is very hard to fit all my emails into 90 minutes, so I have to send one giant one and maybe 1 or 2 more if need be. I love to read your emails, and it means a great deal to me to read about how you are adjusting to high school life.

I am very glad to hear that all is well at home. All is well here as well. I really enjoy it here, and the work is progressing. We recently found 12 new investigators, and that is wonderful! I love to be able to share the gospel and to help others move forward in Christ and his gospel. Lots of work to be done here. We recently found a new investigator, and right off the bat, she was interested in the gospel. She has the potential to be a golden investigator. lot's of good and honest questions as well. The rest of our investigators are doing very well. We have one, who is one week away from his baptism! The rest are going to take a little more time. but none the less, one more soul is about to be brought to the fold, and that is already more then I ever dreamed. I also learned of an area we have where it is very hard to visit because it's in the bu-quid, or forest village. We will go and visit it Wednesday. Thursday, we have interviews with President Maurer. Always nice to talk to him. 

This week, I'm going to share a story about a current member- He hid from the missionaries because he didn't want to hear the message, nor did he think he was worthy of the message. This is common in the Philippines, where people will hide instead of cancel a meeting with you. What is amazing is that he hid for 14 YEARS! he moved to manila for a little while, and while there, he decided he had to quit hiding and meet with them. 2 years later, he returned to Sta. Margarita as a baptized member of the church, and today, he always loves to come and teach with us, and he has a very firm testimony of the gospel. He is currently wanting to convert some of his old drinking and gambling buddies. 

The food here is good. I love Balud, which is dryed fish that is salted. it is literally impossible to eat it on it's own, because it is so salty. so, you bathe it in vinegar, and then, the taste is amazing! I miss chocolate, which is SO EXPENSIVE HERE. Jerky is another big thing that would be nice to have here. other then that, finances are good. clothes are still good. thrifty and wise, is our motto for spending. so, we are being smart with money and food. 

that's all for this week. I love reading Emails from the family and friends, and love my work here, hard as it may be sometimes. Best of luck to all of you this week, and make sure the Whole family knows that I love them dearly.

Until Next Week,

Elder Kuehne

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