Monday, October 10, 2016

Alls well, but send more emails :)


Firstly, conference. Conference was AMAZING! I can say that I learned more this conference then any other! It was a truly humbling experience to go to conference and learn how I can improve and grow. Heaven knows I have plenty of that to do. Conference was in English, as most of the members know a surprisingly large amount of English. Still talk to them in My broken Waray though. Can't go slacking!

To mom, Hang in there. you survived me driving, you can do it with morgan. she probably is doing better then me. to Tyler and Morgan, I hear a lot about your spiritual progression, and it's amazing to see how far you two are coming in the gospel. continue, no one is too young to know about the gospel and have a testimony about it. To dad, Hi. hope the recovery is going fine, 

Most travel here is done by van, those big 14 seaters. Buses are usually pretty expensive, so grand tours is the company to go to, and they use those vans. It takes an hour and a half to get to catbalogan; with that said, it should take longer. Those van drivers have a brick taped to the gas pedal, I am convinced. they are HAULING as they go through foresty areas, residencies, anywhere. I am not sure whether I call Filipinos the worst drivers in the world, or the best ones. 

I received Grandma's Card, but nothing else yet. I may be a little longer, because when the package get's to the mission office, It sits there until someone from the office or the president or his wife visits our area. so, It will be a bit longer. Maybe the packages are sitting there in the office right now. I'll never know. 

We also Got new Zone Leaders. Elder Santos is filipino, and he knows lots of english. Elder Esikia comes from American Samoa. They are both really nice and ready to work. It's nice to have them around. 

I am still safe, I am still happy here, and I still look like a gringo here. nothing has changed. 😄

none the less, the work moves on. lots of baptisms planned for october, and we just committed a baptism to a family on november 12. It's so wonderful to see the branch growing faster and faster everyday. more and more work is done, and It is amazing!

much love to all the family! I love to receive emails, and look forward to your package Mama! Make sure the fam emails, I only send a couple emails everyday. Make sure they email! don't go slacking on me!

Love you all, and until next week,

Elder Kuehne

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