Sunday, March 5, 2017

Lots of Great Progress!

Dear Fam!

this week was a very busy week. lots of meetings, lots of great progress! we had 14 investigators come to church! nothing is more amazing then to see all these people file in to partake of the sacrament of the Lord's day. lots of wonderful things.

We invited the family to church this Sunday, but they didn't make it. Not sure why yet, but we will be sure to find out. the rest of them are doing pretty well. I haven't had any baptismal interviews yet, not sure when that will be happening, or if it will. I just get to wait.

the exchanges were great. I went with Elder W, from Dallas. it's hard to find a more obedient missionary then Elder W. really focused on the work, great missionary. Loved the chance to work with him. I have my own exchanges with my district this week. It will be held in San Miguel, and should be a great opportunity to see how other missionaries do things and pick up some new tricks and tactics. though I love Elder H, I also like to have a companion who has been out longer then I so I can learn some new things. hasn't happened since training. as for the ward fireside, No one came except for maybe 5 people. Not so great attendance, but great training, great chance to prepare and learn new things. lots of learning this week.

We also had the zone training meeting. lots of people, and lots of great trainings were given. two of my best missionary friends were emergency transferred, so they participated in that. more on that next week, because I am almost out of time.

the RM's are a huge help. in our mission, if we have someone who is endowed, we can teach whoever. so, we make sure to bring them to as many lessons as possible. in addition, we have a future missionary. Brother M has been called to serve a mission! he leaves march 20th for the manila MTC. so excited to see him off and working.

we have an investigator. He speaks Cebuano, and nothing else. He doesn't know Waray, and can't even read Tagalog, which almost everyone can do. So, we got to brush off the Cebuano and tried to teach him in Cebuano. We both are bad at it, but it really is fun to try and use it. Great times.

congratulations on the new calling, mama! you can do it. the Lord qualifies who he calls, and he chose the right person for the job. go out and help others grow. Morgan has been emailing diligently every week, and I love to see how life is for you all. Hopefully, Ty will be ready for recess soon. I can imagine he is going nuts! 

I love you all. Short email this week, But next week will be much longer. I had to use internet time today to get some work done for Baptismal records and what not. Love you all, and next week will be better

Elder Kuehne

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