Sunday, March 19, 2017

Teaching Brings Joy

Dear fam,

To start, I got an unmarked box full of snacks. because there is no name, I give the credit to an angel. but, thank you for the box. it is delicious.

This week was a bit trying. We had one investigator drop us. He is very poor, and is using a caribao from his church to help him get farm work done. someone over there found out he was meeting with us, and said that if he continued to visit with us, they would take the caribao away. so, he cracked and asked us to not visit again. I do not speak bad of other faiths; they believe different then I, and that is ok. however, some people here are very intolerant. it is how it is, just a shame to see that.

we had two new faces at church today, and that's odd because as a missionary, I should know them because I probably invited them! but, they were not invited by missionaries; one was invited by his member sister, and the other, I still don't know. she is interesting, because she has 8 kids, and despite the steep price she had to pay to get here (20 pesos), she said if she had the money, she would return happily, maybe even with some of her children. We are definitely going to visit, and I am very excited for it.

As I write, we are only a couple weeks from General conference, and I am so excited for it! I still remember my first general conference here in the mission. I went to the store with Elder D, bought oreos before hand, and went to Catbalogan one Saturday  and watched all the sessions surrounded by members and the other missionaries in the Catbalogan zone. it was such a good time. I actually downloaded it, and sometimes listen to it while we prepare in the morning. While there is no big feast, no family, and I'm wearing Sunday best, I still love it.

yesterday, I went on splits with the ward missionaries, and I got punted 10 times. in a row. For 4 hours we visited people, and NOONE was able. sick, not home, it was a hard day. At the end, I got to teach one lesson, and it was the greatest feeling in the world! teaching brings me joy, and I just hope that the people we teach take the time to think about it and find out for themselves that this is the true church. We never say "take my word for it, get baptized." the message is to ask God if this church is true. If anyone knows the true church, surely he does, right? And when He does, and they listen to it, There is the greatest feeling in the world about the gospel and the mission.

this week, I feel better. I do need to go to the CR, but that is a small problem, and mom, you nailed what that is. it's the bathroom.

As I read the scriptures, my patriarchal blessing, and other church publications, I realize that there is no way this could not be the true way. No one could write the BOM, no one can manufacture the spiritual feelings, and I am convinced of it. even though other's don't know the gospel, I DO, and if they choose not to accept it, I simply move on and try to help other people. one of these days, the blessings will happen.

Much love to all the fam, thank you for the love, the packages, and the prayers. I feel them, and they are not forgotten.

May the Lord bless you as much as he has me

Morgan, Not a lot of time today, but hang in there, follow the Lord, and just take some time and do some service. Making others smile is sure to make you do the same.

Ty, Love you buddy. Basketball here is really fun, and everyone knows about NBA. Love you pal.

Elder Kuehne

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