Monday, February 27, 2017

A Small Problem and Hunger Games. Gotta love the variety!

Dear FAM,

This week was a butt-kicker. however, lots of new happenings, with some firsts as well. What a busy week this has been.

to start, we now have bicycles! that is right, we are now cruising down the streets on the way to teach some people. it's a good time to see all the people just checking out the new bikes. They are great, except for one small problem... they are Filipino sized. they are SOOO small. it's kind of a pain to ride, because the dang thing is so small, but other then that, it's pretty nifty. We can use them for anything. really nice, they allow us to teach lots more people.

 things here in san miguel are great. we have one family that we have taught 2 or 3 times, and they are amazing. We never taught the tatay of the family, but he said to us while he was cooking fish, he say our "plan of salvation" pamphlet that we gave the family, and he just decided to read THE WHOLE THING!!! that never happens, and A, the sister my age, is as shy as shy can be, but once I pulled out my map of the plan of salvation, she sat down and payed attention. the whole family wants to come to church, and is progressing so quickly! next lesson, we will be giving them a date for baptism, and get them on the road.

they are one of the 5 lessons we taught last week. yeah, 5 lessons. We got punted all over the place, and simply could not land a lesson with anyone. just one of those weeks, and we were so busy with district leader responsibilities that we have no time for that for a whole day.

I got to have my first baptismal interview. yeah. As district leader, I interview all baptismal candidates in my district, and the zone leaders area if they need it. saturday morning, I went to a place called Jaro, and did my first interview with two people, M, and C. When I interviewed M, She was amazing! she knew so much about the gospel already, it was amazing! the spirit confirmed to me that she was indeed ready for baptism. for C, however, No such spirit existed. so, I may have to go back next saturday to do another interview. hopefully, he prepares. I also did another one in Carigara, which is where the zone leaders are. the candidate, J, was so polite and amazing with her answers. she didn't give me primary answers, she went above and beyond. truly amazing. she will be baptized this Saturday. I honestly love my work.

we had the chance to baptize sister J, in front of about 10 people. Small service, but still a baptism. what an amazing opportunity to have one more come to the gospel of Christ. She is well prepared to come into the fold.

lots of fun things happening this week. I have exchanges with the zone leaders in carigara thursday, friday we have a zone conference, and saturday, We are giving a training in the wards missionary fireside. the ward is working hard to improve the members missionary work, we can't succeed without their help. We have one RM, brother S, who asked us one night if we had a dinner appointment. He made us dinner, then told us that we would teach a family while he finished. We taught the family of a recent convert, and brother S came over with the food. We then ate while he talked with Sister L, the recent convert who he thinks is very attractive. the YSA here is like the hunger games, honestly. 

that's really all this week. I ordered myself a 2 terabyte flashdrive, so I can have ALL the mission photos and music. It is going to be a party when I get home. lots of good memories and things like that.

love you all, and that is all. 

with great love,

Elder Kuehne

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