Monday, March 27, 2017

New Areas, New Callings, New Experiences

Dear Fam,

To start this email, I want to say it won't have much to do with San Miguel, Because I transferred. One cycle only in San Miguel. It's a real shame. I am now in Palo, Tacloban. And to make things more interesting, I am the new Zone Leader. Yeah, terrifying. as if district leader isn't hard enough.

Palo is on the southern side of Tacloban. it's nice because it has great restaurants, good internet shops for emailing, a real transportation system, and is pretty nice.  It is a wonderful area, with a thriving church membership. we had the chance to see 140 people come to church. My new companion, Elder A, is batch with Elder D, and is from Davao, Mindanaw. You know, the place I can never go because of the whole kidnap Americans thing happening down there. he is a real hard worker, if not a hair trunky. this is his last cycle, and he is really trying to go out with a bang. But, he really does work hard, and it is so nice to have a companion who is older then me that can teach me new things. such a nice thing to have. 

I went on splits, and my companion was Brother T. He is an absolute fireball! he was baptized in '95, and wouldn't leave the church for anything. He pedi-cabs during the week, and on weekends, he loves to work with the missionaries. He knows EVERYONE! members, less actives, even all our investigators! he is simply amazing. 

the work of a zone leader is hard, but it also has several key blessings. I have the chance to help not only our investigators, but also can help the missionaries in Tacloban zone, or my zone. I collect numbers, and am in charge of helping others do the work. I see it as a big chance to help others. lots of paperwork. not a big fan of that.

we had the chance to go and have dinner with a family. They have one person in the family, a little boy, who is as white as me, and speaks only English. His father is from Denmark, and is a member. The strangest thing to speak English to someone not from America. 

we had a CSP, where we built a new kitchen for a family. Building here is down to earth and not fancy at all. nothing more then wood, some nails, no building codes, and aluminum. I was able to help because I could get heavy things higher then the others. for support, we just nail bamboo to the frame, and then people start climbing up it. no fancy tools, just a hammer, nails, a saw, a level, and some string. yet, we built a whole kitchen, with furniture, in about 6 hours, and it's not too shabby. I think I like this style, it's less complicated. 

in this area, Waray Waray is used, however, there is a great deal of Cebuano and even Tagalog. I was actually recommended to start learning Tagalog from my companion and a couple members. So, now I dive into this strange new world of an organized language with national usage. hopefully, it will be easier then Waray, since the language structure is almost identical. Different words, some different markers, but that shouldn't be too hard. so, I think while I learn the Waray, I will start Tagalog. Wish Me luck with that.

I miss march madness. Really, I do. I have no way of knowing how that is going. Well, Ty, you always were ridiculously lucky when it came to the tournaments, so get er done, Ty.

Dad, sounds like you are enjoying the travel. should be pretty enjoyable. trip to Moab, then to Oregon. Some jobs have better benefits, I guess. 

Morgan, I am so glad you are still doing well. I will not lie to you, I miss the temple. I can't go, due to travel constrictions, but nonetheless, I really miss it. I am definitely going to enjoy it when I return to the good ol USA.

That's really all for today. Working hard, getting some things done. We are meeting my old zone leaders at a place called the Texan, which apparently is REAL American hamburgers. Couldn't be more excited! I will be withdrawing today, because I am told it is a little mahal (expensive, I just type Waray as a reflex), so that is personal funds for that. other then that, I will be talking with you all next week, 

good luck to Grandma and grandpa on their journey to Germany. Next time, Take me with you, eh?


Elder Kuehne

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