Monday, February 6, 2017

The New Schedule

dear fam,

Greetings from Philippines. No, I haven't transferred yet, and to be honest, the suspense is killing me! I really, really want to know where I am going! but, I probably won't know until tomorrow some time. Really, really want to know.

We found a less active, a much older Tatay. He has been a member for a while, but he is out of the way and didn't know where or what time was church. we told him, and lo and behold, Sunday at 9, in he comes. He is a preferred Cebuano speaker, but he understands Waray. Just a different kind of find, and a different kind of success. he is so great, and really excited for him to come back.

the new schedule we got is amazing! it was issued worldwide at the last missionary broadcast. The brethren said they had been working on it for about 6 months, and they felt now was the time to issue it. Before, everything was scheduled. now, we have a certain block of time to do all those things like finding, visiting, our studies. We come home at 8:30 instead of 9, get things done, and we can get to bed early if all our work is done and the companionship chooses to do so. way more effective, and a really nice new approach to missionary work!

zone conference was held in Catarman, and that gave me the chance to get some new teaching methods down. the training was all about teaching repentance and baptizing converts. we are focusing on baptism, and ensuring people know how to repent and that they need to do so. it can be uncomfortable to talk about repentance with people, but it quickly allows us to figure out who is ready and who is not. great training, lots of great, great things were learned.

you mentioned that one brother who followed me on facebook. I don't know who it is. never met him before. but, here, that's not too strange. they just see that you have friends, and they join in on the fun. they are worse then Americans when it comes to Facebook followers. but, the Filipino people, member or not, know about Jesus. EVERYONE knows about Him, and reverence Him above anything else. at least, they profess to. the members are very converted, and they are amazingly spiritual. 

Elder R is a hard one. very independent, very unwilling to take advice. he reminds me a little of me pre-mission. Elder D taught me that that was not good, and I changed. He is not so willing to do that. but, his follow up will be sure to correct those things.

not a lot of amazing things happened. played some real basketball, game wise. it was really fun. Brother J is struggling, we are going to try to help him out. this is hard. I was there for his baptism, and he is starting to fall a little. I can do nothing more then pray and hope he recognizes the problem. 

Really happy to hear about the little additions to the fam. poor dad is going to work himself into the grave, doing all this snowmobiling for customers. what kind of sick boss makes an employee do that?!?! Ty, hang in there, observe the wheel chair speed limits, and maybe, you can practice some nice stunts, going off of ramps and things. love the Blake playlist. I will not lie, that is perhaps the hardest thing for me to adjust to. I have some nice church works from the other missionaries, they ease the pain a little. continue to jam out, Blakestyle.

make sure the family knows I love them, I work hard everyday knowing the Lord will make sure that you all get the blessings you need from my service. keep on keeping on. 

Love to all the family, wherever they may be. 

until next week,

Elder Kuehne

p.s. could you perhaps send me a camera? I can't find one anywhere outside a cell phone camera. it may be easier if you send me one.

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