Monday, February 20, 2017

The work is good!

Dearest fam,

another fine week here in san miguel. We had the opportunity to baptize Brother C. his baptism is a little sad, because his mother is hard catholic, and refused to come, and his dad was drinking tuba, and chose not to attend. so, we took him, and we had his baptism. He really is excited to be a member, and even asked how he could get his brothers baptized. he is great, really loves the gospel, and ready to continue. We have a baptism this week as well, with sister J. she is really good, and so excited. the work moves fast here. We had 14 of our investigators come to church last sunday, and you don't need to be a missionary to know that that is a lot! such a great opportunity to see the work move like that! nothing better then this!

we have been told that we can expect bikes, which means we can get outside the area that we visit everyday. get some new people, visit new areas. really nice.

Nice to hear you met president C. He was the branch president of Sta. Margarita, and now he is the elders quorum president. he gave us so many referrals, hope he is still doing well. 

my first district meeting went ok, but it could have been a lot better. Now, however, I actually know how to do it right. So, I am going to be making it tonight. hopefully, it is better this week. Being a district leader is hard work. I am to give the training every week, collect the weekly totals for our "Key Indicators", and make sure all is well in our district. I have the option to call the people in the district and see how everyone is, and I can even do surprise visits to other apartments. not saying I will, but I can.

next week, we have exchanges with our zone leaders, and then a zone conference. Really excited to meet everyone in the zone. still haven't done that. but, we will be having a great little training, so really excited for that. good time here

other then that, just working hard. dad, keep playing Blokus. I do remember that game, and it was fun. working hard, maybe hardly working. to morgan, seeing as I am almost out of time, I say just hang in there, remember we all have times when we aren't happy. I would look into some good conference talks, and have a good week. The Lord loves you, and is ready to help. Tyler, good to hear you are out of the wheelchair, this will give you time to prepare for summer basketball. Hope you are still having fun with trains, legos, and sports. Maybe, you have a new favorite. I would love to know if you have a new favorite something. 

I love you all. I love the people here, and really trying to do all I can to be obedient. The work is good, and hopefully next week, I will be able to send some more.


Elder Kuehne

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