Monday, January 23, 2017

Tapping into permant happiness

Dear FAM,

We are moved into our new house! it is pretty big, lots of pink, and little furniture. however, it is home, and through it, we will be able to do much more work here in Sta margarita. I don't have any photos because my camera is being kinda dumb. haven't been able to take photos too well. I may go camera hunting here....

This week has been rough, but good. very low sacrament attendance, and I was feeling really down about it. Add to that a sore body, a tired body, lots of hard work, and a companion who goes to bed WAY early before the water turns on, and life can be a bit difficult. but, everything that happened in church seemed to be the Lord combating my sadness. we started with a talk about parenting, which I took to mean trainers as well, haha, songs that really talked about happiness and joy, Me teaching the Sunday school lesson about the first vision, and a lesson about finding joy from the life of Gordon B. Hinckley, who was happy most of the time. I really do feel better. just need to tap into my permanently happy self and use more of it.

We got to use a bus the other day to travel from one side of our area to the other. the whole bus has a stereo system, and as we tear down the road at maybe 60 miles per hour through residential, it is playing Whip it, and I just couldn't help but laugh. it was pretty surreal, but also really fun.

We are meeting with B, and he is an amazing investigator. so smart, so understanding, so accepting of the gospel and it's teachings. comes to church, participates, prays, and while he hasn't quite gotten his answer that the church is true yet, I know it will come when he is truly ready for it. Until then, we will continue to work with him.

I went on splits with Elder E, my Zone leader. we went to his area for a day, and it was an amazing, amazing day. We start with M, a young man with a seriously weak body and impaired thinking. Elder E starts the lesson, because M speaks Cebuano, so it's pretty hard for me to understand. We then had the most sacred opportunity to review the baptismal questions with him. To see this person who can't walk, barely control his body, hard time speaking, answer the baptismal questions was so humbling. Elder E let me ask some of the questions, and M gave me the greatest answers! after, we asked what he would like to sing, and he says, families can be together forever. So, we did. It was so humbling. Elder E bends over the bed he lays on so that M can give him a hug, and I did the same thing. I felt his love and his knowledge of the gospel, and I knew that he was ready for his baptism this Saturday. We visited with G, their recent convert, who I had met a couple times before. She started out doing bad things, but now, she is so committed to the gospel. her dad has leg problems, but he works out and does therapy everyday to help his legs so he can one day go to church with his daughter. it was the most humbling day ever.

At this point in the email, I have a favor to ask. Could you all make me a Facebook account? all the members and recent converts ask for mine so they can stay in touch with me after my mission, but I don't have one, so it is kinda weird. I would love one so I can stay in touch with everyone I meet here.

I made an online store purchase, some good stuff that will really help, including some extra garments. Loving my mission, so happy to be here. Love you all, and hopefully, I can get a new camera and get some pictures.


Elder Kuehne

***Side note from Mom - I created Blake a Facebook account that I will administer until he gets home.  Please send a friend request to him and I will get you added!!

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