Monday, January 16, 2017

House Hunters - Philippines Edition

Dear beloved fam,

this week has been a real tough one. I say that because 3 investigators came to church. There are times when I feel like I worry too much about it, but we have about 15 active investigators, and only 3 came. hopefully, those 3 will be able to continue, because they are greatly improving. just need to continue to help them and work hard, while also slowing down. sometimes, if I am not careful, the stress can build up. I was NEVER this stressed in school, but I sure am now 😅. I have ways to combat stress, though, so all is well.

just another week here in sta. Margarita. we will soon be moving to a new apartment that is actually in our area! probably tomorrow, and I am pretty excited. The owner has renovated it really well, and the rent is pretty cheap. I think it is a nice house. All the doors are pink, which is a little funky, but still a nice house. We will be moving in tomorrow. pretty excited all about that. I felt like I was on house hunters: Philippines edition or something. pretty nice opportunity, means we can get more things done! 

I did receive the package from the ward, and it was amazing! I loved reading all those things from everyone! made my day. 

the sister who will go on a mission is still progressing, and she invited us over for FHE with the fam. she was the only one in the family who went to church. She is trying so hard. I did indeed order a PMG for her. hopefully, we get that soon so she can start studying. Brother J has also been praying about if he should go on a mission, and so far, the answer is YES! we will be getting one PMG to him soon as well. other then that, this week, we sort the wheat from the tares. many investigators aren't progressing, so, we will be limiting visits to them and focus on progressing investigators. WE CAN DO IT!!!

to Tyler, real proud. Mom says you are getting better everyday. Keep doing it! at bountiful high, if you take a charge, you get a special pair of basketball socks. keep it up, bro. See you in 1 1\2!

a quarter of my mission is gone, and it feels so strange. I will be transferred the second week of February. where I go, no one knows.

Elder R is still progressing. his language is way better then mine when I was in training. just need to help him with some other things, and then he will be a fine missionary.

Just a short one today, but still lots of love to you all

-Elder Kuehne

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