Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year 2017

Dear fam,

Happy new year! another year, another chance to improve and serve the lord on his errand!

For December 31, January first, and today, we are to be in our apartment at 6, on account of the partying and drinking. many times, as we walk by, people offer us alcohol. No thank you. our neighbor offered, we said we don't drink, so he came back 5 minutes later with soda water and chips. Those, we did graciously accept...  We catch up on studies, sleep, exercise, just hang out with the zone leaders and anyone else who is staying with us. we went to Tacloban for a Christmas devotional, followed up by food and singing. I have a couple photos, you will enjoy those.

this week was a good week. We have 7 new investigators, and I think they are all quality investigators too. Our friend who loves coffee, we found out he stopped. Just like that. He stopped! He is changing his life really quick, and he is such a wonderful kid. if ready, he may be baptized this week, and if not this week, for sure, next week. Really excited for that! he improves, and we see the fruits from our labors.

This time of the year, Calbayog sounds like a war zone. Fireworks, big and small, go off all the time, and every kid hand makes a big cannon out of canned food that makes a ridiculously loud BANG! I still jump sometimes.

the mission created a new zone, and they selected my district leader last cycle to be the new zone leader. He was not excited in the least. I don't blame him. his first assignment as zone leader, and he is going to lead a new zone! however, whom the Lord calls, he qualifies. It may be hard, It may be a real struggle, but he can do it, and I know it. the Lord knows it too.

We were given a book of Mormon, and told to read it, marking every reference to Jesus Christ, the gospel of Jesus Christ, and his words to us. It is a unique challenge, but I love it, And I learn more and more about the importance of the mission of Jesus Christ. He really is the focal point for everything, and to think he gives all the credit and glory to his father is absolutely mind-blowing! He is the picture of humility, obedience, and Integrity, and I want to be like him.

Elder R doesn't like to talk to people, especially not in Waray. If the person even tries to talk to him in English, he assumes he can talk in English. I am going to try to help him with that. I'm no Elder Dela Cruz, But i'm sure trying. 😅

So great to skype. Everything looked in order, the house wasn't burned down, so that's good.

When I get home, I think playing with dad would be amazing, Whether I am playing with or against him. I miss little things like that. However, I might play like a Filipino, and NOONE is more terrifying to play basketball against then a Filipino. He better start practicing...

that's really it. Love you all, Happy new year, and here's to a good week!

Elder Kuehne

pictures: all the elders from my batch in Samar. They are amazing, and it's wonderful to see them all again.

Me, Elder R, and Elder E with SANTA!!!!

the last district photo of the cycle. This is our cycle in a nutshell. The more you look at this photo, the funnier it gets

I couldn't help but zoom in and add one more picture - just cause he looks so happy!!

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