Monday, July 31, 2017

Things Have Changed

Dear Fam,
things have changed really fast. to start, transfers happened, and myself and Elder D both transferred from Palo. Elder D is now serving in Tacloban 2nd ward as our new Assistant! and me, I have been transferred to Tacloban 1st, and I am now working in the office. I have 3 responsibilities: Supply manager, vehicle coordinator, and District leader of San Juanico district. 
I wasn't really surprised with this transfer. I had a very strong feeling that Elder D would transfer, yet I also had the idea I would transfer myself. Something told me I would transfer and that I was needed somewhere. And now, Here I am!
working in the office is very different. We are in the office from 9 until 5:30 pm. after that, we get to work and proselyte. also, Saturdays and Sundays are full proselyting days. I will not lie, this office work has me absolutely slammed. It is not so much difficult as it is long and never ending. I always have something else to do. little proselyting time makes me a bit sad, but we are doing the best we can.
I also get to drive! I have a ford ranger that I use, even for proselyting! I can go anywhere in it, and it lets me carry more stuff as well. it's pretty fun.
I have some privileges this time in the office, the most important being that I can email any week day, as long as I still get my work done! so, I can email you all more! fun, diba? because of that, this email will be short. 
Love you all, and I hope that all is well at home!
Elder Kuehne

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