Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Better Way, Which Is To Do It Because I Love It

Dear family
What a rewarding week. firstly, Sister A and Brother J were both baptized! and I had the opportunity to baptize brother J! it was really fun, because he was so short I didn't even get my polo wet. he is such a great kid. That means the entire A family is baptized and active! sister A has such a strong testimony, and she was such a great investigator. I will not lie, The A family has been perhaps my favorite family on my mission so far, and it will be a hard day when I transfer. transfer announcements are tomorrow, so we will see what happens there.....
this week was a great week. We got to work hard, and have a good time as well. not a lot happened this week for teaching, but we had a little miracle at church. 3 of our less active members, 2 of whom are a couple, came to church! the one not married has a brother serving in the Provo Utah mission, and has been less active for a long time. however, she came to church because she felt the need to. the others came because they want to start preparations for temple sealing. what a blessing to have others enter the temple. Miss it like crazy.
we had a lesson from the 1st councilor in the stake presidency. he gave a lesson about fast offerings and tithing. he made an amazing comparison, with the first great commandment, love God, being tithing, and the 2nd, love thy neighbor, being fast offerings. I never considered it. he shared a quote from president Heber J Grant, which said something like this: if we truly love the Lord, then there would be no need for reminders to pay tithing, to be generous with fast offerings, and to magnify callings. Before, I did things because I was asked to. now, I realize the better way, which is to do it because I love it. I love Heavenly Father, I love Jesus Christ, And I am now serving because I love them and love their commandments. it was a very life changing 3rd hour. plus, he showed a video about Elijah feeding the widow during the famine, and after he showed that video, we got 2 dinner appointments. hahahaha
lots of changes coming up in the Tacloban zone. We will see what happens with that tomorrow. 
I hope you all know I love you all and hope you know it. I miss Bountiful, especially after hearing about missionaries going home and their plans after they touch down. many people have mentioned cafe rio, inn-n-out, and movies. I just get to hang in there for another year for that to happen to me. I can do it. Lots of fish here, that will be alright for now :)
love you all, and now photos!
Elder Kuehne
just as I was about to send photos, there was a poweroutage, and it just deleted all my photos on my camera. sayung.


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