Sunday, July 23, 2017

Controlled Chaos

Dear Fam,

this was a slow week, which never happens around here. we had MLC this Tuesday and Wednesday, and had a meeting Sunday with the stake presidency. also, Tuesday, we were getting our weekly planning done, and we got called and asked to go and take a truck and deliver solar lamps to my entire zone. we just drove through the whole mission delivering lamps. Elder D drove, and he was just like any other filipino driver....controlled chaos. It was nuts, but he needs to train for next cycle :) jokes la. but, it was really fun.

other then that, we taught maybe 5 lessons this week, because of all the meetings and what not. We are expecting a baptism this week, of sister A, and next week her son, J. I am so excited!!!! also, next Monday is transfer announcements. we will have to see what happens next week. nothing really new. the power is back here in Tacloban zone, and water is as well. so, I am happy about that. just us doing all we can.

Love you all, and will email next week

Elder Kuehne


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