Monday, September 5, 2016

Note from Mission President and First Assigned Area

"Dear Brother and Sister Kuehne,

We are happy your missionary has arrived safely in the Philippines Tacloban Mission. Attached is a couple of photographs taken after his arrival and also a map of the Philippines Tacloban Mission.  Your missionary has been prayerfully assigned his first companion and trainer, Elder Dela Cruz and together they will be serving in the Catbalogan area. 

In order for them to be most effective in their responsibilities, your continued encouragement and support is of upmost value.

Here are some ways to positively influence your missionary:

·        Pray for them, especially in your monthly fast.

·        Send regular mail with encouraging thoughts and news.  Please leave out worrisome topics.  Email to their LDS account or pouch mail if in Philippines delivered through missionaries, or traditional mail. Missionaries have been directed to use only their MyLDSMail email account and not to communicate using “real time” conversations, facebook, or live-chat.

·        Phone calls are only on Christmas and Mother’s day. Paid by family and not through your missionary’s support

·        Packages, a welcome treat, but remember to not allow them to be too large or frequent as transporting them can be a challenge. Be careful to have the contents not create a longing for home. Note: FedEx or PhilPost adds an extra charge that your missionary will have to pay for. LBC does not attach that extra fee.

·        If extra money is needed for personal items (eg. dental expenses, preexisting medical expenses, or for printing pictures) can be sent with a personal debit card, LBC, or Western Union.  Do Not Send Cash through the mail. Please send only that which is needed.     
We appreciate all of the love and support you have given your missionary to prepare him to be a faithful representative of the Lord Jesus Christ.  He will make an important contribution to the work of the Lord by inviting others to come unto Christ and enabling their eternal conversion. It is a great blessing to have him in our Mission."


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