Monday, September 19, 2016

So little time

Hello Dearest Family!

This was a really fun week. lots of lessons, lots of OYM's (Open your mouths, where we share our purpose with random people), lots of return visits. Happy Birthday to Easton, and by hearing what food you had for his party, I can say he is one smart kid. Happy 20th Anniversary. It was probably easier to celebrate this year. After all, you have one less kid to keep track of for this one! To Morgan, work hard, but remember to have fun as well. To Ty, Have fun, and remember, the "Arnold" voice is only to be used for good, not for evil. To dad, I got your email, and I know it's hard to be away from your passion for a while. Remember, I don't get to listen to ANY reggae here, for 2 years. You will make it. I know you will. 

Calbayog is really a nice place to be. Safe, not super loud, good places to shop and eat. the traffic is hectic, but that's a small problem. lots of police and military personnel, but I haven't heard of any crime here, so, can't complain. 

Our zone conference was Fantastic! The central message was about Repentance and the Atonement, and I have truly been edified. it was a fantastic lesson that really taught me a lot about both, and the absolutely crucial role that They play in our lives and in our progression. I got to see a good friend of mine from the MTC who lives in woods cross territory. His name is Elder Evans. he is a great kid, and it was nice to see him again and to catch up. same for President Maurer and sister Maurer. they are amazing people, and I love them both. They have such sweet spirits, and they really do care about the missionaries and their comfort and success. Sister Maurer was kind enough to create a language guide for Waray-Waray for me, Elder Evans, and for another new sister in our area. Before us, there wasn't a single language guide for Waray-Waray.

I feel I have adjusted physically. It's not really hot here, but for some reason, we sweat so bad! not sure why, but its true. the food is also pretty new. We have rice for every meal, with some canned meat or fresh veggies. We try not to buy too much fresh meat, because It usually is left out in heat and flies can get to it sometimes. also, we don't store much food, because the fridge may not be able to keep the food good for long. we just buy and eat as we go. Am I thinner? can't say I really know. Looking at how much food the locals give me and how much Softdrinks they offer also, I doubt it. but, I do work out every day. The Philippines MTC had some great workout plans, and I use them. so maybe, maybe not.

I haven't received mail yet. in addition to the ridiculous mail system, the mail also sits at the mission home until the ZL's (Who live in our apartment, and one of them went to Bountiful High) go there for something and bring it to us. May be a while longer until I get anything.

We met a new family, the G Family, and when we were teaching them, I had Deja Vu. I had actually Dreamed about that lesson, heaven knows how long ago. I remember vividly remember that dream now. This family is special, and we have been teaching them a lot recently. I know that the lord helps us, and that the lord has pointed us in their direction. now, we only need to capitalize. 

Lots to do, so little time here. 

That's the email. I love you all, and I am still safe and sound here. I know the gospel is true, and I know that the lord's plan has me serving a mission written in it. Take care, and I will talk to you next week

     Elder Kuehne

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