Monday, December 19, 2016

One week until Skype!

Dear Fam

Good to hear from you, as always. Sounds like a lot of change is happening with surgeries, therapies, and all that jazz. Change happens so much, and it can catch us off guard. Many of my friends are Terrible at adjusting to change, I am glad to hear that you all are doing all you can despite what life throws at you. Please continue to do so.

I got some news about a friend from high school who went to Africa on his mission. He lost 60 pounds in one month, and is sick beyond all sickness. He is going home for a season so they can get him feeling better. More reason to not get sick and take care of myself, I guess.

The full swing of Christmas is finally here. everyone is getting ready for the special day. how do that do that, do you ask? they drink. they party. it's a very different kind of celebration. but, that's how they do it here. when they are drunk, their english is perfectly fluent.

We have been having a drought with investigators coming to church. We only have one right now, he comes to church every Sunday, prays, and is in alma right now with his reading. The plan is to have his baptism the 31st of December, and so far, that looks very, very likely that that will happen.

Elder R and I are doing much better. We can talk and teach together much better, we are figuring out all the little things we need to do to be successful. so far, lots of challenges , but we are still working as hard as we can, and that is the sign of our success.

Lot's of people here are catholic, but they are a EC church goer, which is Easter and Christmas church goer. it strikes me as very odd that anyone could be so passive in their beliefs. I personally know this church is true in part because We have to DO something about our belief, not just say I know it is true, we must show the Lord that we believe it is true. An idle mind means the adversary can do his tricks. If we are active in the gospel, then we can start to see how much better our lives are when we follow the gospel.

We visit lots of less actives. One family is now reactivated in the church, and comes regularly. Some just need a little more time and faith to better develop their desire to go to church. until that happens, we can only do so much but visit and do all we can to share our knowledge with them.

later today, we have a Christmas concert in Calbayog. We will be singing and having a good time sharing with them our Christmas message. then tomorrow, we go to Tacloban for a little Christmas celebration/meeting. Pretty excited, except we have to get up at 2 AM to make it there in time. Not super excited for that, but the meeting will be fun. I will get to see Elder D, so I am pretty excited about that. He was great!

sounds like we may have to stay where we are apartment wise. If we move, then our zone leaders need to as well, because It is pretty expensive to live where we are. We will just have to see how all that goes

Got the email about the info for skype. Super excited about that! We said Monday at 9AM, Filipino time. may have to do the math to figure out when that is for you.

Excited as can be for that chance to call. Love you all.

Elder Kuehne

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