Monday, December 12, 2016

He did it, but hopefully NEVER again!

Dear fam,

just want to start by saying I have officially eaten Balut. It's nothing special, and tasted just weird to me. won't be eating that again hopefully.

One thing I have learned is that everyone has a chance to participate in the work of a missionary. Whatever can be done to help them, take that opportunity. 

This week is, to be frank, killing me. Elder R has been sick, so we haven't visited Sta. Margarita most of friday, and all of saturday and sunday. It is worrying me so badly. We did get to go to sacrament meeting, where 2 investigators and 5 Less Actives, 35 in all, were with us. we have 8 investigators with a baptismal date, yet only 2 came. Prayer can do many things, But I unfortunately cannot pray away someones agency and schedule, As much as I wish I could. 

Training is Rough. this sickness means not a lot of time for training or anything, and not a lot of chances to speak the language. Elder is a pretty Independent person, and has been having a hard time adjusting, especially to food. But, I continue to want to help him, If he ever decides to let me.

Health hasn't been a problem. I eat lots of food, though strange, yet I also work out and walk all day, so It just doesn't stay. I may have to start eating more to counter too much weight loss. I was sick for a day, but every missionary is when they first get here, so no problem. Other then that, no complaints there. the food is really delicious, though odd and usually simple. 

The weather is same old. Hot, Rainy, and Hot again, but the rainy season will be ending soon. sometime in January usually. 

We went with President V to go and look at a new apartment that is actually in our area. It's a nice apartment, and we are waiting for President Maurer to check it out. Should be nice to actually live in our area. I would love that. 

3 days stuck in the apartment has really changed me. before, I loved the work and the people, but now, I am really CRAVING the chance to go and teach and visit everyone and get them on the track to eternal life. I study the scriptures hard. right now, I am reading the Book of Mormon, as well as a little old testament. Never read it before, but it has been very interesting to do so. 

I don't know anything about the whole situation with Skype. It may be best if you make one and send the info to me. That may be helpful to do that. 

Make sure Tyler and Morgan know that I love them, and can't wait to talk to them. Morgan didn't send an email, she's slacking on me :)

short this week, but perhaps next week will be a bit longer, hopefully. 

Love you all, 

Elder Kuehne

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