Monday, November 21, 2016

New Companion

Dear FAM,

Firstly, love the photo.

This has been a mostly uneventful week. Not a lot of new investigators, things like that. However, I am a trainer now! 

My trainee's name is Elder R. he is from Layton, 18 years old. He has a great work ethic. He loves to go out and walk and work. He is less then excited about the food, and we will have to see about that, but, I am excited to teach him the language and see how he does in his first 12 weeks. Excited to be able to do this!

Traveled to Tacloban, and while the drive is beautiful, it is so long; about 4 hours. Next week, I have specialized training about budgeting and cooking.
We have a less active family who has been less active for a long time. however, for the last 3 Sundays, they have come to church! It is so exciting to see them do that. They are really getting over their problems and it is so exciting to see them so happy to come to church. They haven't come in a while, and the members have been such a great help. I want to say that members make a huge difference in the work. They have gotten these less actives to come back, and one more has decided to come to church, if only because EVERYONE in the church has invited her. Miracles do happen indeed. 

Not sure what else to say this week. Lots of travel, lots of nothing happened. Just one of those weeks. 

I celebrated my birthday with a chocolate bar at 10:00 at night. Pretty much nothing else. Next year, maybe I will get 2 chocolate bars. That would be pretty crazy.

That's really all for this week. sorry for the short email, but not much to talk about this week. Next week, hopefully, I will have more.

Love you all, and I will see you next week!

Elder Kuehne, 19

Here is an excerpt from the email he sent to Morgan that I thought you might like to read:

I still remember the first time I read all the way through them. I was at work in Jackson. One night, I finished, and I wanted to go to the Lord in prayer. Unfortunately, It was way too noisy in the tent, and scouts were everywhere. So, I went to the bathroom, in one of the stalls. There, I knelt and prayed to know if the Book of Mormon was true, and if my desire to serve a mission was worth it. At that time, the strongest feeling came over me of determination and love, and I openly wept. It was in that little stall, in a boy scout bathroom in an obscure town in Wyoming, that I gained a testimony about the Book of Mormon. I encourage you to find your own testimony, Morgan. The kind that only comes through reading the scriptures. Continue, and know in all your work and school that the Lord has promised to help, if you ask of him.

Here is also the picture we sent to Blake that he loved:

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