Monday, November 14, 2016

Great Changes

Dear family

Firstly, I want to apologize. I haven't been very specific in addressing you all and the accomplishments you have all had. I am trying to be efficient, but in doing that, I have sacrificed personality. I will do better every week, starting now.

Morgan, I do read your emails. Every week. I love hearing how well you do in school and other activities. Of course, math is hard, and yes, sometimes, friends have their drama (believe me, I know). But, I will be working harder to include you more. I may not have time to send you a personal email every week because of time (90 minutes only, and I have some things to take care of on the computer) but I will make it work. Please forgive me. I will do better.

Tyler, I cannot be more proud of you! tying your own shoes! that's a big step, little bro. and the puzzle, I can barely do a 4-piece puzzle. you are growing up very fast, and sometimes, I didn't tell you I was happy for you. I'm sorry buddy, I will do better to talk with you more every week. I promise. I know about your little problem right now, but Heavenly Father knows too, and he will take good care of you. I will pray for you, and I would like for you to pray too. He will help you. Be patient, and after this, you can continue to have fun and grow. I will work harder to be there.

I apologize for emailing late. Because of transfers, President Maurer decided to have p-day on Tuesday this week instead of Monday. this is for this week only. next week, back to Monday

so, I want to tell you about some amazing news. I was doing personal study in the new testament on Wednesday, and the phone rings. Elder D is downstairs right now, so I reach over to his desk and grab the phone. I read who is calling, close my eyes, opens them, and read it one more time. President Maurer is calling. he never does that, because he never has time. I answer, we talk, and after some little questions, he says to me, "Elder Kuehne, I want to ask you to be a TRAINER this coming cycle!" I am going to train! I go to Tacloban tomorrow, and the next day, I return with my new greenie! so excited for that!

I also want to share a little story about a miracle. I have long felt that I don't have any talents. It has bothered me a lot. so, I asked in a prayer that I would be able to feel better and receive comfort. I was reading the new testament, Mark 8:36, and I felt the prompting to visit the sole footnote, which is Jeremiah 45:5. I'll let you all read that, but I know that if I work, the Lord can make up the difference. we are working hard every day, and I feel the difference when I work by myself and when I let the Lord guide the work. 

also, quick little story. Kids here have a game. this game is called "Spiders." they put two spiders on a stick and have them fight it out. each kid has a little match box with SPIDERS in them. they just whip them out and play. little terrifying.

anyway, that's all for this week. next week, I will have lots to talk about, so, until next week

Elder Kuehne

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