Sunday, June 18, 2017

Our Words Will Ring True

last week, sorry! didn't send, was in drafts folder

Dear Fam,

this week, We had a lot of work done. We taught a lesson to the Y family. this family is actually 3 families in one home, and they welcome us. it's a really nice change of pace to people who just make excuses. they are so nice! we also had one new investigator, E, who's neighbor and best friend is an active member preparing to serve a mission. She has read "gospel Principles" almost every night because It is just so interesting to her. she also came to church. she has some concerns, but the Lord has said that we can help people and our words will ring true, so we are not worried.

We had the chance to help organize the ward missionary work. We have a LOT of ward missionaries, and each one is excited to get to work. They will be doing finding for maybe 2 hours a week, so we can spend more time teaching. also, they signed up for days to work with missionaries, and most of them picked Sunday and Saturday!!!!! School starts June 5, so we cannot blame them for that. I am so excited to get some help in the work! one of the missionaries is sister J, too! she has grabbed the gospel by the horns and takes her work seriously. it is so great to see a recent convert so.... well, Converted. unfortunately, not all recent converts are like that. Sister A missed church twice due to an old friend who she found and following his bad example. hoping she will accept our help.

but, how are you all? hopefully, my email catches you in good spirits (for dad, that may be a bit hard ;)) I personally love life. I just find that life is easier when we put our trust in the Lord and know He is in control. If we follow the commandments and be good, then the Lord guarantees blessings, not to mention that we can make it. Elder Cornish talked about that in November for conference, and It is one of my favorite talks.  I love the mission. Life is so good here.

Lots of people in Palo like cycling. like, pro cycling. I introduced myself to one biker, named R, and we just talked about his bike. He likes Giant, and as the son of a dedicated "Specialized" user, it was a rough conversation 😁 but, the people here are just so friendly. Nowadays, everyone asks me if I want the cavs or warriors to win. everyone is watching the finals, Every store is watching it. so, I know a good deal about what is happening. 

Just a short one today, telling you I am in good spirits and doing all I can to bring the gospel. I am happy because of it, And I want others to be happy just like I am. The best chance to find happiness for life and the life to come, Is through the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know what sin is, and It is NOT happiness. following the commandments brings happiness, though that can be hard to understand for some.

that's really all. Love you all, and next week will be better.

Until next week,

Elder Kuehne

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