Monday, June 19, 2017

Find the Bright Side in All Things

Dear Fam,

Transfers happened, and I am still here in Palo! I am really excited for it, because we still get to work in what may be the greatest area in the mission! 

this week was a pretty good week. lots of meetings last Sunday. We started with the ward council meeting, then we took president Maurer to the L family for their baptism, and then went to Tacloban stake center for a stake presidency meeting. as if I wasn't busy enough with proselyting...  joke lang, all is well. We are working, and we hope to find success soon.

The L family had their interview, and they cannot be baptized, because they remembered the date they started living together. so, unfortunately, the baptism will have to wait until December 17. however, something interesting happened. as we went back to the car, president could tell we were down, and he asked us "so, what did we learn?" that's it. he just wanted us to learn from it. 

we learned a big lesson from it; don't get frustrated. yes, they cannot be baptized yet. BUT, they will be. yes, I won't be in Palo for it, BUT someone else will. the bright side can be hard to find, but if we do find it, It can illuminate new possibilities and blessings. find the bright side in all things

after that, he asked us where we were going. We had some time, so we decided to go to a nearby investigator for a short lesson. and he says "lets go!" so, we went and had a lesson with the mission president as our Responsible adult! he doesn't know any Waray, but he gave a testimony about the gospel and the Book of Mormon, which the kids understood! after that lesson, he asked us where we were going, and we still had time, so we planned to go contact a referral. when we said this, he got in the car and said "let's go!" we taught two lessons with the mission president! it was great, because I learned so much from these 2 lessons. 

this week, we discussed how we can get more referrals from members. we came up with a top-secret plan, code name "lesson 6" lesson 6 goes like this; we visit a member family, and prepare a lesson. we tell them we will start with a hymn, and give them paper and pencils, and tell them that while singing the hymn, their job is to write down as many names of neighbors, family, friends, co-workers, as they can possibly think of before the hymn is over. we then invite some one to pray, we share our lesson, preferably about the plan of salvation, then we go over the lists and talk with the family members about their lists. we test it tonight, with a very active member family. we really hope that it works, because tracting is really hard in Palo. the area is big, and we can never be sure what area has been "found out."

we have a new investigator, Brother R. Elder D found brother R on exchanges, and taught. right off the bat, he asked "how do I become a member?" and he meant it. I met him last week, and we finished talking about the Book of Mormon and he asked "when I go to church, what should I wear?" unfortunately, Saturday, his brother, who is in the army, died, and he went to Catarman for the funeral. but, we expect him to come next Sunday.

I personally am still good. I think life is still great here in the Philippines, and all seems to be well. I still love the mission, and enjoy my life here. I have a hard time picturing how my life will be after the mission. I picture myself squatting over the sink doing my laundry in the sink. I picture myself ordering a one piece chicken and rice from McDonalds. I picture myself just speaking Waray when someone frustrates me. lots of funny little things I picture myself doing when I return. 

Happy fathers day to everyone! I hope it was enjoyable and relaxing. I miss you all, and I will be seeing you all next week.

--Elder Kuehne

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